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The Neediest Newborns

Minor bumps and bruises may be no big deal, but when your child suffers an injury that you can't kiss and make better, a trip to the emergency room may be in order. We'll tell you what injuries merit a trip to the E.R., when to call 9-1-1, and how to minimize your child's trauma by monitoring your own behavior. Then, 11% of all babies born in this country are premature. See what hurdles they face, and find out how neonatal intensive care has evolved to help these babies grow up strong. Then - Grandma's thoughts on the matter aside - co-sleeping with your baby can be dangerous. Find out how you can keep your newborn safe, while still keeping him close. Then finally, learn more about the law that's designed to put kids with disabilities on equal footing with their classmates. See how "Section 504" is helping to educate all of society's children.

When parents place a child in the crib for bedtime, they should place the child on it’s back.
  Yes, it is recommended that a parent lay an infant on his back when sleeping in a crib.
  No, infants should be placed on their side to sleep.
  It does not matter what side you place your infant, as long as the baby appears comfortable.

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