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All about ADHD

When your darling little angels are fighting like cats and dogs, is this cause for concern? Experts explore sibling rivalry, and when and if parents should intervene. Also featured is advice on finding the right doctor to treat your child. And if your child is hyperactive, does that mean he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? While most parents today want their children to have access to the benefits of technology and the Internet, how can you make sure your child is surfing the web in only safe places? Find out the answers on this episode of Kids Healthworks.

At what age should you begin weaning your little one from thumb sucking & pacifers?
  Thumb sucking & pacifers should be a thing of the past by age 3.
  As soon as your mother-in-law starts giving you
  Relax, as children grow and develop their need to suck usually goes away on its own.
  Both thumb sucking & the use of pacifers are not normal at any age and should be discouraged.

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